So much to do and so little time left!

Today was our busiest yet! On our list included St Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, Vivaldi Museum and an Art Nouveau exhibit of Gustav Klimt in the Correr Museum.


St Mark's exterior

Every day since we arrived, we have walked through St. Mark’s Square and seen the line-ups to get in to the Basilica. They are unbelievable! So today we headed out early and were practically first in line at the entrance. Although we had to wait 45 minutes before the doors opened, it still felt less stressful getting in before the crowd.

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Palazzos, Churches and Pigeons

Pigeon Poop Patrol missed Olivia today and got me instead. Darn good thing we are not looking up with our mouths open! For the past 2 days in Venice Olivia seems to have been their main target, but today, they got me!

I don’t think I have ever walked as much, climbed as many stairs, seen as many special places or looked at so many violin collections in glass cases ever before. The longer we stay here the more we add to our MUST DO list, except for churches. Although we are tired of them, the ones we have visited so far have been wonderful. They are time capsules that contain art dating back to before the 15th century (some including works by Bellini and Tintoretto), historically significant architecture, and the stories that accompany the patron family that paid for its construction. Each church is also the resting place for the saints and other notable figures that are buried beneath, on top of and inside the building. Some of these churches even have glass sarcophagi’s that have the mummified remains of revered personages. Those are hard to look at.

Baptismal where Vivaldi was baptizedVivaldi's Baptismal Certificate

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Peggy Guggenheim

Back in March when I first started exploring possible performance venues for “Peggy’s Violin” I contacted the Guggenheim Museum in Venice and they responded with interest. However, when we visited the museum today it appears that they have only small “domestic” sized rooms that would not function well at all for a performance for a young audience. We very much enjoyed our visit to the museum; the space, the exhibits and Peggy Guggenheim’s story and legacy were all very compelling. Even the garden space with its wonderful random stone and tile patterns, bronze sculptures and plantings of trees and perennials were a feast for the eyes. Nevertheless the focus of this museum does not seem to fit or connect with our story of  “Peggy’s Violin”.

Guggenheim sculpture garden

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Just down the street/canal!

The pictures that we see in our travel books and movies do not do justice to Venice. Our mouths were wide and our eyes as big as pizzas when we first glimpsed the real Venice from the Vaporetto (water boat/bus). My brother in law, Clive, would love this place. Water and boats all over the place! And the buildings, it is quite a miracle that this city even still sits here on the wooden stilts that support it! The only clincher so far is the tour boats that drop off thousands of tourists who swarm the area and the pigeons who have already dropped on Olivia! And that happened when we had just been here a couple of hours!

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