The Ultimate Breakfast

Breakfast will never be the same again! Sitting in the interior courtyard of the Metropole Hotel surrounded by urns and other antiquities (and protected from pigeons by a canopy), we munched on fruit mousse, assorted artisan breads, Venetian cheeses, delicately sliced fruits, fresh croissants AND CHOCOLATE! You could also have granola and prunes but since that need has passed we move onto better things.

Vivaldi violin sonatas in the building that was once the Opsedella de la Pieta where Antonio Vivaldi composed and bought violin.

So on a full stomach I pulled out the Grancino, tuned it and warmed up to play some Vivaldi Sonatas that I have uncovered. With the window open over the small canal beside the hotel the sound resonated to the boats below. I did not feel any Vivaldi vibes. Maybe I was playing out of tune or wrong notes? But it is a wonderful feeling to know that I am sleeping, eating and playing my violin in the space on this earth that he worked in, but 300 years later.

Will the next hit tourist attraction be a lone violinist, playing Vivaldi from a second floor balcony of the Hotel Metropole? No, there are enough already. And there are certainly enough tourists! Since we are right on the Grand Canal this is where all the cruise ships anchor and disgorge their passengers. With these crowds of often insensitive, mindless tourists in mind Olivia and I bought day passes on the boat-busses, called Vaporetti. The canals are like the 401, 427 and 403 at rush hour! There seem to be some clear rules and communication between the boats as the throngs of Vaporetti navigate the canals without incident, or at least as far as today is concerned! With unlimited travel we went as far and wide as we could. First to the Lido, another island that actually has some cars and motorbikes and other bikes as well.

Bike with bench seat for two, I was taking the picture!

We tried using a double bike (side-by-side) instead of walking but we did not get very far because we were laughing too hard!


We found a beach on Lido and Olivia knew exactly what to do! And so did I. I sat in the bar and she went in the water and sunbathed for about 2 hours.

Lido beach

From there we jumped on another Vaporetti and took another long trip over to the island of Murano, where the glass museum is located. It’s quite fascinating how far back glass has been in existence. They actually had beads, bowls and other jewelry as well as many glass chamber pots dating back to the 1st century BC.

Glass sculpture from Murano. No I did not buy it!

Another Vaporetti ride back to the main island of Venice where we found another Trattoria, this time organic and vegetarian, and had a quick supper before we hit the Gelato bar. Then after the Gelato Olivia got another warm gift from a pigeon, second day in a row! How lucky can you get?

I cannot remember the last time I have walked, climbed steps and jumped on and off of moving boats, all day! My knees are sort of okay, but I think in a few days it will certainly be time to come home and play my Grancino violin with all my wonderful students.

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