Just down the street/canal!

The pictures that we see in our travel books and movies do not do justice to Venice. Our mouths were wide and our eyes as big as pizzas when we first glimpsed the real Venice from the Vaporetto (water boat/bus). My brother in law, Clive, would love this place. Water and boats all over the place! And the buildings, it is quite a miracle that this city even still sits here on the wooden stilts that support it! The only clincher so far is the tour boats that drop off thousands of tourists who swarm the area and the pigeons who have already dropped on Olivia! And that happened when we had just been here a couple of hours!

The train ride from Milan was smooth and easy once we were on the train. I am so out of my comfort zone when it comes to travelling without my car! Olivia and I have most of our disagreements around departure times and finding our way in a new place. Could probably run a very funny sitcom using our dialogue at these moments!

As I write this, Olivia is out on her own exploring. Her energy and stamina is much more abundant than mine.  I just hooked up to the internet now and read an email from the Ontario Arts Council that states that some of our data entered on our CADAC files was incorrect and we need to update it before May 31st! So while the gondolas float on the canal below and the splash of the surf that they and the motorboats are creating hit the canal walls, I am trying to get my head around CMSM details and update these files and also find my original OAC application files.

Metropole Hotel

Our hotel is the Metropole Hotel that once was part of Vivaldi’s orphanage for girls in Venice and this is the building that he taught and composed in. Tomorrow I research Vivaldi’s Venice.

Stay tuned!

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  1. So enjoying the blog Peggy and these pictures of Venice are wonderful!!