My next car!

I have become quite attracted to some of these cute little cars that every one is driving in around Milan. Electric and you can almost park them in your dining room!

another view- it even comes in pink!

Electric car


One thought on “My next car!

  1. Was delighted to read that Adrienne got in touch. We can start planning a concert in a courtyard in Paris to match the one you have planned in Milan! The historical comparisons with Mississauga are so interesting – it’s what I love about Europe; they live in their history, they restore buildings or design modern apartments behind ancient facades. You are always aware that you are walking in the same streets as Da Vinci or Mozart or – for me – Virginia Woolf. Here, we started later and then turned everything into parking lots!

    Love the little car. Good idea to bring one home as a souvenir… xo Honey